SACRED-SELF 21-day program: $120.00

"SACRED SELF" coaching program for YOU: 

YOUR season of manifestation has come. Yay!

Consider me your "Achievement Coach". Yay!

It always seem more doable when someone holds your hand, isn't it? Humans are created that way...

If you are tired of feeling tired, bloated, heavy, guilty, or fed up with die-ts that promise solutions in dead pills but never work, Or you're tired of depriving your cells the energy they need, Or you just feel stuck... this planner was created to shift your focus and re-awaken you to embrace food and life.

If you want to be guided, motivated & challenged to get in the best shape of your life, this program will help you find your MOJO, so you can get RESULTS!!! No matter what they tell you about weight loss, your body can only get fit when you move and connect with the unseen: cells, muscles, spirit etc... to revitalize your body.  

As a Mother of three children, coupled with multiple miscarriages & stillbirth experiences, and my recent case of Diastasis Recti (Abdominal split) after childbirth, it's fair to say that my body has been through some "abuse" (for lack of better words haha!). I didn't mean to invoke pity from you, but to BE REAL...

I can relate to feeling overwhelmed.

I know what it's like for your body to suffer.

I know what it's like to live with shattered hopes.

I know how emotional turmoil ruins your focus. But trust me, you have it IN you to beat doubts, laziness or weaknesses that threaten your success!

AND that's where we all need support. I have taken this journey of transformation, came out victorious and Now I wish for your soul and body to SHINE too ... ... ... 

Private Coaching may be right for you if:
You want focused and customized guidance
You want a clear path to getting RESULTS fast.
You want to stop telling yourself old stories of defeat.
You are ready for intense one-on-one support
You want to be held accountable for your own vision
You want to hang out with Spirit that propels you forward

With my help and your willingness to take inspired action, you can TRANSCEND your limits and MANIFEST your Miracles. Just say Yes_To_You NOW and choose the program that sings to your heart.

In this package, you will find a healthy balance of soul tips that ENERGIZE you, and food that support (not sabotage) your efforts, Mindset transformation tools, Suggested food shopping list, Sample Menus to get you Started, Tasty suggested recipes. Guideline on how to let your Spirit command the day, when & what to consume throughout the day, plus weekly checkup, recommendations for better & faster results.

SACRED SELF 30-day challenge: $199.00

Wow!!! Everyone needs to try this "Sakkacise your Abs". By the time you hit 20 minutes, you'll feel the burrrnn. I lost 2-inches already!


Georgia, USA

Sakkasice is the way to go to get moving again. After a few workout sessions, my knee joint pain went away. Therra's energy is infectious and her knowledge of the body and maintaining a healthy diet & lifestyle is amazing!

Virginia, USA

12-weeks Radical Self-Care Program

(with Bikini Abs): $499.00

8-weeks to Radiance program: $299.00

I love to Sakkacise because it's so much fun and doesn't feel exercise. I always look forward to it - it's my time to let everything out as I dance... Very good for my body and spirit  :-)


Georgia, USA

I believe Sakkasice is "IT"!!! This is it! This is it!!

I really enjoy the experience. I'll never forget my very first Sakka class... because after that session, I felt like a totally different person.

~Reese Anne
Virginia, USA

W A A O O H H!!! Just finished SAKKA ABS!
Affaire asuivre.......... THERRA... Yessssss!!!
Yvette and I give you high-10 (ie 5+5)
My most interesting was "Sakka-mic". Sooo funny!!! In short... I can go on and on and on.

Cape Town

Some "juicy" remarks to heighten your belief -- REVIEWS:

​​It's all about YOU

SELF-LOVE never looked so good.

Question is, how deep are YOU willing to go for YOU to shine?