​​How can SAKKACISE enhance your group?

What if you can't attend Sakkacise classes in Alexandria, VA, but you and your friends want to have the SAKKACISE Experience?

Great question; because IN every woman, lies a fun, Free Spirit, with a dream to have a fit, toned, and healthy body, they just need the opportunity ... And that's where Sakkacise-Your-Group program comes in -- to add fun, zest & enthusiasm that elevate the energy of your group meetings:

  • Church groups

  • Business groups

  • Moms groups

  • Hippie groups

  • Choir groups

  • Gossip groups

  • Prayer groups

  • Tribal groups

  • Yoga groups

  • Health-Nut groups

  • Bridal-prep groups

  • Girls-Night-Out groups

  • Couch-Potato groups

  • Tech-teens groups

  • Party-animal groups

  • Study groups

  • Zumba groups

  • At your next Event: Retreats, Seminars, Conference, School, Church or Home.

Simply fill out the form below and get ready to Sakkacise Your Group! 

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