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SAKKA is a Cameroonian slang for dance. But SAKKAcise to me, is more than just dance… 
It means to be consumed with an extra dose of JOY that your body naturally knows how to express.
SAKKAcise is channelling your Inner-Goddess to create your desires.
SAKKAcise is allowing the spirit-of-Joy to sculpt your body.
SAKKAcise is connecting body & soul with intent to soar above your stress.
SAKKAcise is making love with your Inner-Being to get the body YOU want.
The SAKKAcise Formula is Wild+Tender + Sexy+Fun.
And after SAKKAcising your heart out, you achieve a state known as "Afro'gazm"

I’m sharing this with other Moms who might be asking the question:“What does my Soul need today?”
Moms who are yearning to WAKE UP to something exciting.
​Moms who dread the idea of gym, but want to tone trouble areas (arms, thighs, abs or back-fat, in a FUN way.
If that’s YOU, then all you'll ever need, to SAKKAcise, is a Free Spirit :)

My name is Therra. I am a Mother of three (3) children, a wife, artist and author. I love being someone else's mother and wife, but I also love being ME. After childbirth, it occurred to me that playing a role as major as "Mom" can easily overshadow one's identity. Growing up, girls are taught to give of themselves as mothers. I realized that as much as my family needs me, I need ME more.
I like the idea of giving, but I would rather be giving from OVERFLOW-- this means learning to fill my own cup first. But how? ... ... ... It begins with a simple question: ​What does my soul need today? Sometimes, it means finding an outlet to release my stress, uplift my spirit or even push my own limits. I believe within every woman, lies a Being who is FREE, ENERGETIC, & JOYFUL. As mothers, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by our responsibilities and unfortunately our bodies show it.But it doesn’t have to be that way. It's OK to say, “I give myself permission to be ME.”  Together we can create a an outlet to express Joy every day; and that's why SAKKAcise was born.